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Results 2014 Vermont State Championships

Tuesday, 15 July, 2014

Vermont State Championship Results
July 12, 2014

Men’s Right

0-154 1st Marc Vachon(CAN) 2nd Michael Buchanon(VT) 3rd Andrei Copelet(CAN)
155-176 1st Chris Gobby(CAN) 2nd Matt Bourgeois(VT) 3rd Rob Ketcham(VT)
177-198 1st Rick Mason(VT)
199-220 1st Rick Mason(VT) 2nd Tony Niemo(VT) 3rd Jamie Mason(VT)
221-242 NO ENTRIES
243+ 1st Kurt Howgate(ME) 2nd John Jackson(VT) 3rd Bill Sinks(VT)

Women’s Right

0-143 1st Jessalyn Carosella(NY) 2nd Ashley Meacham(VT) 3rd Katie Viau(VT)
144+ 1st Cathy Merrill(NH) 2nd Jessalyn Carosella(NY) 3rd Kayla Jackson(VT)

Men’s Left

0-154 1st Rick Spaulding(VT) 2nd Andrei Copelet(CAN) 3rd Ethan Meacham(VT)
155-176 1st Chris Gobby(CAN) 2nd Matt Bourgeois(VT) 3rd Rob Ketcham(VT)
177-198 1st Rick Mason(VT)
199-220 1st Tony Niemo(VT) 2nd Jamie Mason(VT) 3rd Rick Mason(VT)
221-242 1st Tony Niemo(VT)
243+ 1st Kurt Howgate(ME) 2nd George Sheldrick(VT) 3rd John Jackson(VT)

Women’s Left

0-143 1st Jessalyn Carosella(NY) 2nd Ashley Meacham(VT) 3rd Katie Viau(VT)
144+ 1st Cathy Merrill(NH) 2nd Kayla Jackson(VT)

There were 57 entries from Vermont, New York, Maine & Canada. Brackets were done by Christina Sheldrick. Tournament Directors were Bill Sinks & George Sheldrick. Referees were Bill Sinks, George Sheldrick & Rob Ketcham.

THANK YOU to everyone that came out, we hope to have Vermont States back in April or May next year!

Tale of the Tape – Ayello VS Guevin

Sunday, 13 July, 2014

Kurt Howgate wins Vermont States L & R

Sunday, 13 July, 2014

Banner OOB Battle at the Beach!

Sunday, 6 July, 2014

Results 2014 USAA Nationals in CT

Thursday, 3 July, 2014

Congrats and huge props for all Team Maine pullers!

2014 Europa/USAA National Pro-am Armwrestling Championship
Hartford, CT – June 28th Total Entries 296
Tournament Directors – Denise Wattles & Leonard Harkless
Referees; Leonard Harkless, Tim Sears, Chris Gangi, Badger Drews, Harry Bean, Ron Klemba,
Tim Bresnan, Jim Fitzsimmons, Benjie Dwyer, Ken McKinney
Brackets Denise Wattles, Priscilla Bean, Debbie Bresnan
Novice Left 0-154 Marin Czembrowski/ Travis Josselyn/ Matt Gauthier/ Ethan Bruzzese
155-176 Ronnie Bean/ Dan Hall/ Nathan Riley/ John Cole
177-198 Will Dawson/ Ben Witruk
199+ John Daigle/ Jose Zelaya/ Harry Bean V / Justin Kubillius
Novice Right 0-154 Matthew Gauthier/ Joshua Smith/ Marcin Czembrowski/ Floyd Ryder
155-176 John Cole/ Ronnie Bean/ Dan Hall/ Chris Moriartty
177-198 Ryan Doza/ Bobby Cooper/ Paul Seaha/ Ben Witruk
199+ James Patterson Jr/ Justin Kubillius/ Matt Swierszcz/ Bill Gavel
Grand Master Right 0-165 Tom Simko
166-198 George Givens/ Bobby Buttafuoco/ ray Berry/ Gary Kessler
199+ Harry Bean III / Jim Fitzsimmons/ Badger Drewes/ Lewis Corbin
Masters Left 0-154 Michael Shaloub/ Norm Devio/ Tom Simko
155-176 Ron Klemba/ Jesse Vieira/ Gary Kessler/ Tim Sears
177-198 Seith Barnett/ Ron Ermini/ Ray Barry
199-220 Jim Fitzsimmons/ Levi Holly/ Randy Stanaway
221+ James Patterson/ Paul Maurais/ Harry Bean III / Badger Drewes
Masters Right 0-154 Norm Devio/. Tom Simko
155-176 Ron Klemba Socrates Fronhofer/ Gary Kessler/ Tim Sears
177-198 Seth Barnett/ Bobby Buttafuoco/ Ron Ermini/ Serge Petro
199-220 Jim Fitzsimmons/ Randy Stanaway/ Levi Holly
221+ James Patterson/ Harry Bean III / Badger Drewes/ Paul Maurais
Amateur Left 0-154 Justin Pinsonneault/ Abdul Sarvalov/ Marcin Czembrowski/ Ron Singley
155-176 Kyle Dawson/ todd Van Blaricom/ Adbul Sarvalov/ Dimitri Kyriazis
177-198 Will Dawson/ Lajos Konta/ Joshua Grant/ Aaron Hawkins
199-242 Josh Vinikoor/ Andrew Sullivan/ Jose Zelaya/ Chad Lundry
243+ John Jackson/ Seth Bai
Amateur Right 0-154 Justin Pinsonneault/ Ron Bella Donna/ Marcin Czembrowski/ Jason Remache
155-176 Vladamir Sidorornin/ Kyle Dawson/ Ian Friel/ Dimitri Kyriazis
177-198 Lajos Konya/ Nazar Simko/ Serge Petro/ Josh Grant
199-242 Bill Runkle/ Jason Darienzo/ Levi Holly/ Andrew Sullivan
243+ John Jackson/ James Lane/ Jake Land/ Seth Bai

Open Left 0-143 Darius Wisnewski/ Aleksandr Medvedek/ Benjie Dwyer/ Jeremiah Meservey
Pro Left 0-154 Kris Mikels/ Emanuel Harris/ LaRaun Baldwin/ Darius Wisnewski
155-176 Ron Klemba/ Ken McKinney/ Jon Brown/ Mark Vieira
177-198 Michael Selearis/ Storm Chellino/ John Cervantes/ Seth Barnett
199-242 Marcio Barboza/ Kevin Nelson/ Chris Burns/ Alexandr Rakhmanov
243+ Shawn Lattimer/ Jerry Cadorette/ Chris Burns/ Max Maxwell
Open Right 0-143 Darius Wisnewski/ Jeremy Merservey/ Tom Simko/ Travis Josselyn
Pro Right 0-154 Samuel Harris/ Kris Mikeis/ Norm Devio/ Michael Shaloub
155-176 Ron Klemba/ Samuel Harris/ chris Nittoli/ Mark Vieira
177-198 Michael Selearis/ Storm Chellino/ John Cervantes/ Art Spindler
199-242 Marcio Barboza/ Storm Chellino/ Chris Burns/ Bill Runkle
243+ Jerry Cadorette/ Tim Bresnan/ Eric Guevin/ Mike Aiello
Ladies Pro Right 0-143 Jessalynn Carosella/ Valerie Beach/ Debbie Banaian/ Sue Fischer
144+ Cathy Merrill/ Kelly Carara/ Samatha Gangi
Ladies Left Hand Open Christy Resendes/ Cathy Merrill/ Valerie Beach/ Jessilynn Carosella
Team Champions PA State, Team Captain – Nitro
2nd Place Team Dungeon, Team Captain – Tim Bresnan
3rd PLACE Granite Arms, Team Captain – Badger Drewes
Cash Box Winners 200.00 Ron Klemba, 100.00 Badger Drewes, 50.00 Jim Fitzsimmons
Special Thanks to Ron Klemba for the Custom Armwrestling Tables!!!!

July 12th Grip & Rip Cancelled!

Thursday, 3 July, 2014

Rick North has cancelled the July 12th Grip & Rip in Rhode Island.

Sept 27, 2014 – BDN Maine Man Expo – UAL

Tuesday, 1 July, 2014

2nd Annual Bangor Daily News-Maine Man Expo
UAL Affiliated Event

Saturday September 27, 2014

Cross Insurance Center
Bangor, Maine

Weigh ins: 10:00am-12:00PM
Event to start at 12:30PM

Head Ref: Badger Drewes
Ref: Chris Gangi
Ref: Bill Caldwell

Men’s Pro Right Arm:
0-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-235, 235+

Men’s Pro left arm:
0-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-235, 235+

Men’s Amateur right arm:
0-185, 186-235, 235+

Men’s Amateur left arm:
0-185, 186-235, 235+

Women’s Right hand
0-145, 145+


Trophies for 1-3rd for all classes


Oct 18, 2014 Ronny Bean Memorial Tourney – NH

Tuesday, 1 July, 2014

The 5th Ronny Bean Memorial
October 18th, 2014

Paradise Beach Club
Weirs Beach, NH


July 12, 2014 Spud Speedway Tourney – Caribou

Tuesday, 1 July, 2014

Cole Disy of ‎Aroostook County Pullers:
“Just got the official word: Tournament in Northern Maine!

Spud Speedway Arm Wrestling Tournament – Saturday July 12th
Weight classes will be established at the event – dependant on # of entries
Weigh ins and pre-registration will be from 11:00 to 1:00
Pulling starts at 2:00pm
Event Address – 209 Thompson rd, Caribou, ME

Spread the word…hope to see a good crowd of arm wrestlers!” – Cole

OOB King of the Beach general flyer

Thursday, 26 June, 2014