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Results 9/12/15 All-American Invitational

Sunday, 13 September, 2015

The 5th All American Invitational Championship
September 12th 2015
All American Bar & Grill
S. Dennis, MA


Men’s Right Hand Open:
0-187: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Nick Huck (NH) 3rd Justin Galipeua(ME)
188-Up 1st Joshua Grant(MA) 2nd Dean Banaian(NH) 3rd Al Solomon(MA)

Men’s Right Hand Novice:
0-165: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Corey Dupuis(NH) 3rd Brodie Kendrick(MA)
166-Up 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Brodie Kendrick(MA) 3rd Nick Huck(NH)

Men’s Left Hand Open:
0-165: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Corey Dupuis(NH) 3rd Travis Court(MA)
166-Up; 1st Kenny Smead(MA) 2nd Josh Grant(MA) 3rd Nick Huck(NH)

Kids: 1st Callan Grant (MA) 2nd Addison Hugkins(NH)

Referees were Jost Grant, Dean Banaian & Bill Cox
Brackets were done by Deb Banaian

Maine’s Jeremy Meservey wins two Nationals Titles!

Saturday, 5 September, 2015

Huge congrats to Maine’s Jeremy Meservey who won two PRO National Titles in Atlantic City, NJ!
He won his 143lb Left and Right Pro classes.

Also big congrats to Darren Walls for winning his Novice Left 176lb class.

2015 Europa Games/USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship
Atlantic City, NL – August 28 & 29 – 21st Annual – 315 Entries
Tournament Directors – Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles
Referees: Leonard Harkless, Badger Drewes, Jim Fitzsimmons, Tim Lewis, Tom Simko, Harry Bean,
Brackets: Denise Wattles, Priscilla Bean
Grand Masters Right 0-165: Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Grand Masters Right 166-198: JR Hostler/ Gary Kessler/ Tom Deacon/ Glen Jaeschke/Harry Silberman
Grand Masters Right 199+: Badger Drewes/ Harry Bean
Masters Left 0-154: Gene Dunn
Masters Left 155-176: Gene Dunn/ Richard Gough
Masters Left 177-198: Art Spindler/ Glen Jaeschke/ Josh Grant/ Gary Kessler
Masters Left 199-220: Jim Fitzsimmons/ Gary Kessler
Masters Left 221+: Joe Galochi/ Jim Fitzsimmons/ Melan Ruman
Masters Right 0-154: Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Masters Right 155-176: Richard Gough/ Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Masters Right 177-198: Josh Grant/ Art Spindler/ JR Hostler/ David Brien/ Jaeschke,Deacon
Masters Right 199-220: Jim Fitzsimmons/ Gary Kessler
Masters Right 221+: Joe Galochi/ Badger Drewes, Harry Bean
Novice Left 0-154: Robert Belley/ Corey Dupuis/ Henny Jimenez/Ethan Bruzzese
Novice Left 155-176: Darren Walls/Michael McPherson/Noah Byler/Matthew Berggren/Mckye Ecker
Novice Left 177-198: Tanner Huntsman
Novice Left 199+: Harry Bean V/Sean Sparandero/Jonathan Ader/Peter Ader/David Silberman
Novice Right 0-154: Robert Belley/Corey Dupuis/Henny Jimenez/Michael Innis Jr/Ethan Bruzzese
Novice Right 155-176: Phillip Hritz/Robert Belley/Mckye Eckert/Matthew Berggren/Walls,McPherson
Novice Right 177-198: Tanner Huntsman/Nick Navas/Tom Deacon/David Cerallos
Novice Right 199+: Glen Jaeschke/Sean Sparander/Harry Bean V/Jonathan Laba/Silberman,Ader
Amateur Left 0-154:Al Price/Daniel Fusco/Steve Dussell/ Marcin Czembrowski/Nicholas Belasis
Amateur Left 155-176 (13): Valentin Gospodinov/Dan Hall/Dustin Jelliff/Abdul Sarvalov/Janniro,Marcin
Amateur Left 177-198 (10): Mike Pellettiere /JC Penta/Rob Merget/Bo Mamczynski/Longo,Kazlowski
Amateur Left 199-242 (12): Trevor Buzzell/Mark Prickett/Jim Saccoccia/Steve Nichols/Puleo,Runkle
Amateur Left 243+: Chris Dubey/Harry Bean V/David Silberman/Matt Degasperi/Mark Vanderhoff
Amateur Right 0-154: Steve Dussell/Ron Della Donna/Robert Belley/Al Price/Marcin,Remache
Amat Rt 155-176 (16): D.Kezokhachvili/Valentin Gospodinov/Adrian Janniro/Dustin Jelliff/Navas,Berggren
Amateur RT 177-198 (11): Viktar Kazlowski/Rob Merget/Rich Longo/Mike Pellettiere/Grabowski, Abdul
Amateur RT 199-242 (11):Mark Prickett/Chad Eckert/Nizar Simko/Steve Nichols/Saccoccia,Buzzell
Amateur RT 243+: Chris Dubey/Harry Bean V/Dave Silberman/Matt Degasperi/Mark Vanderhoff
Ladies Amateur Rt 0-143: Aria Brooks/Natalie Hagan/ Ashley Algren
Ladies Pro Right 0-143: (8) Debbie Banian/Sue Fischer/Deb Price/Deb Selearis/Maxwell,Carosella
Ladies Pro Rt 144+: Cathy Merrill/Christy Resedez/Kalyn Bryan/Debbie Dekker/Kasha Heinrich
Ladies Left Hand Open (9): Cathy Merrill/Debbie Banian/Christy Resendez/Deb Selearis/Bryan,Algren
Open Left 0-143: Jeremy Meservey/Al Price/Kyle O’Neill/Luke Elsessor/Schrapper/Jimenez
Pro Left 0-154 (10) Sean Hardman/Emanuel Harris/Sam Harris/Jeremy Meservey/Alexandr,Aleks
Pro Left 155-176 (11): Josh Handeland/Bob Sawick/Tim Lewis/Filip Hritz/Brown,Fisher
Pro Left 177-198 (10): Storm Chellino/Art Spindler/Orin Hubbard/Brandon Ellsessor/Grant, Viktar
Pro Left 199-242 (11): Storm Chellino/Ken Smith/Hank Meadows/ Ken Nelson/Bryan,Dimino
Pro Left 243+: Eric W. Opitz/Mike Homewood/Paul Rosario
Open Right 0-143: Jeremy Meservey/Al Price/Luke Elsessor/Henny Jimenez/Kyle O’Neill/Sciarappa
Pro Right 0-154 (11): Aleks Abutidze/Sam Harris/Sean Hardman/Emanuel Harris/Meservey,White
Pro RT 155-176 (18): Sam Harris/ Filip Hritz/Tim Lewis/Paul Fisher/Ruskin, Kezokhachvili
Pro RT 177-198 (12): Jason Vale/ Storm Chellino/OrinHubbard/Brandon Elsessor/Josh Grant,Viktar
Pro RT 199-242 (15): Jim Bryan/Storm Chellino/Sergio Petro/Ken Smith/Calgoci,Maxwell
Pro Right 243+: Mike Aiello/Shawn Lattimer/ Mike Homewood/Shawn Turner/Opitz, Marrocco

October 17, 2015 – WAL Maine State Champ

Saturday, 5 September, 2015

October 17, 2015
WAL Maine State Championships

Champions Sports Bar
15 Thornton St, Biddeford, Maine 04005

Men’s Pro R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
Men’s Amateur R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
men’s Masters (45+) R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+

Women’s open R/L (seeded class by weight)

Check in/weigh in 11am-1230pm
Event start time 1pm

All registration is done at

November 21, 2015 – WAL NH State Champ

Saturday, 5 September, 2015

November 21, 2015
WAL New Hampshire State Championships

Thompson Tavern
421 Central Ave, Dover, New Hampshire 03820

Men’s Pro R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
Men’s Amateur R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
men’s Masters (45+) R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+

Women’s open R/L (seeded class by weight)

Check in/weigh in 11am-1230pm
Event start time 1pm

All registration is done at

November 7, 2015 – New England Championships

Saturday, 22 August, 2015

November 7, 2015

“Battle of Six States!” Open to all pullers, from all locales.

Get ready folks! This will be one of the biggest tournaments in the Northeast in decades, at Foxwoods Resort and Casino!

For arm wrestlers from everywhere!

All six states are partnering to bring this epic event back in 2015.

MINIMUM cash prizes for Pro classes: 200/100/50. These will likely increase. High quality medals for 1st through 3rd in all classes.

Weight classes:

Left and Right, Pro Men: 0-150, 151-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-235, 236+

Left and Right Amateur Men: 0-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-235, 236+

Women Left and Right: 0-143, 144+

No clothing allowance. $25 per arm.

Stay at Foxwoods for a special rate of $199.

Reservations can be made at this web address:

Please note the deadlines listed below:

Rooming List Due and Cut-Off Date: Friday, October 16, 2015

Brought to you by:

Granite Arms NH, 207Armsports, Team Maine Armwrestling, Team Dungeon Armwrestling, Team Vermont, Team Rhode Island, and Mass State Arm Wrestling!!

Questions? Joshua Grant: (617) 571-0511,

Results 2015 Addison County Fair VT

Monday, 10 August, 2015

Addison County Fair & Field Days
2015 Arm Wrestling Results

0-143 3rd Chris Bradley(VT) 2nd Nick Trudeau(VT) 1st Jeremy Yerdon(NY)
144-154 3rd Ron Singley(NY) 2nd Jeremy Meservey(ME) 1st Kris Mikels(NY)
155-165 3rd Anthony Tracy(VT) 2nd Kris Mikels(NY) 1st Rob Ketcham(VT)
166-176 3rd Jamie Hoburn(VT) 2nd Matt Gundrum(NY) 1st Ken McKinney(NY)
177-187 3rd Scott Latella(NY) 2nd Ray Calhoun(NY) 1st Daniel Hall(NH)
188-198 3rd Joe Sicko(NY) 2nd Jocelyn Berard(CAN) 1st George Sheldrick(VT)
199-220 3rd Jake Fesko(NY) 2nd Richard Gagne(VT) 1st Adam Barup(VT)
221+ 3rd Adam Barup(VT) 2nd Eric Preston(VT) 1st Eric Guevin(ME)

WOMENS RIGHT (19 Entries!!)
0-143 3rd Ashely Meacham(VT) 2nd Kayla Jackson(VT) 1st Jessalynn Carosella(NY)
144+ 3rd Ashley Taube(VT) 2nd Jessalynn Carosella(NY) 1st Cathy Merrill(NH)

0-154 3rd Christian Fournier(CAN) 2nd Kris Mikels(NY) 1st Jeremy Meservey(ME)
155-176 3rd Rob Ketcham(VT) 2nd Matt Gundrum(NY) 1st Ken McKinney(NY)
177-198 3rd Scott Latella(NY) 2nd Jocelyn Berard(CAN) 1st George Sheldrick(VT)
199-220 3rd Scott Lewis(NH) 2nd Chris Gobby(CAN) 1st Adam Barup(VT)
221+ 3rd Brian Clark(VT) 2nd Adam Barup(VT) 1st Kurt Howgate(ME)

WOMENS LEFT (15 Entries!!)
0-143 3rd Ashley Meacham 2nd Kayla Jackson(VT) 1st Jessalynn Carosella(NY)
144+ 3rd Jessalynn Carosella(NY) 2nd Sheila Larrow(VT) 1st Cathy Merrill(NH)

There were 152 entries from VT, NY, NH, ME, FL & Canada! Referees were Bill Sinks, George Sheldrick, Badger Drewes, Rob Ketcham & Brayton Gillett. Brackets were done by Jennifer Sheldrick & Jackie Devoid. Tournament Directors were Bill Sinks, George Sheldrick & Jennifer Sheldrick. Thank you all for coming out to this HUGE tournament and supporting Vermont arm wrestling!!


Boys & Girls Combined Ages 2-5 (16 entries!!)
3rd Addison Huckins 2nd Henry Calhoun 1st Jonah Tracy

6-7 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Alexis Whitney 1st Mackenzy Briggs
8-9 3rd Ruby Hubbell 2nd Heather Dwire 1st Isabella Gale
10-11 3rd Sierra Flemmings 2nd Emily Briggs 1st Avery Gale
12-13 3rd Rachael Fitzsimmons 2nd Julianna Williams 1st Lydia Deppman
14 3rd Aislynn Farr 2nd Cammy Tupper 1st Kayley Lewis
15 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Alyssa Hasbrouck 1st Samantha Fitzsimmons
16 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Lillian Corran 1st Brooke Tupper

6-7 3rd Ari Schmidt 2nd Ethan Hallock 1st Samuel Luis
8 3rd Tanner Burns 2nd Joseph Bergevin 1st Isaac Preston
9 3rd Evan Rakowski 2nd Mason Tracy 1st Timothy Whitney Jr
10 3rd Wyatt Quesnel 2nd Carter Hubbell 1st Colby Butler
11 3rd Cam Becker 2nd Taylor Stearns 1st Jacob Hanlon
13 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Lucas Farrell 1st Hunter Gale
14 3rd Nathan Bourgeois 2nd Mason West 1st Dalton Wilkey
15 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Dylan Levesque 1st Brandin Plumadore
16 3rd NO ENTRY 2nd Jared West 1st Peyton McAllister

There were 79 kids entries this year.

Full Results Concord, NH Empowering Women

Monday, 3 August, 2015

August 1, 2015
Concord, NH

Supermatch: Taylor Johnson vs Deb Banaian: Taylor 1: Deb Banaian 3

Queen of the Table: Deb Banaian

Queen of the Table Matches: Mary Devou vs Lynne Lowell, Mary Devou vs. Sylive Dufresne, Sylvie Dufresne vs.Stephanie Vigue, Sylvie Dufresne vs Laura Farren, Sylvie Dufresne vs Deb Banaian, Deb Banaian vs. Jeanne Cappa, Deb Banaian vs. Jennifer Wentworth, Deb Banaian vs. Valerie Bech

Women’s Left Pro 0-150; 1 Jessalynn Carosella, 2 Stephanie Vigue

Women’s Left Pro 151+; 1 Sylvie Dufresne, 2 Jessalynn Carosella

Women’s Amateur Left 0-150; 1 Jeanne Cappa, 2 Kaley Lewis, 3 Laura Farren

Women’s Right Amateur 0-150 (5); 1 Jennifer Wentworth, 2 Taylor Johnson, Jeanne Cappa

Women’s Right Amateur 151+; 1 Lynn Lowell, 2 Jennifer Wentworth, 3 Marie Francis

Women’s Right Pro 0-150; 1 Stephanie Vigue, 2 Jessalynn Carosella, 3 Taylor Johnson

Women’s Right Pro 151+ (4); 1 Sylvie Dufresne, 2 Mary Devou, 3 Lynn Lowell

King of the Table: George Sheldrick

Men’s Left Pro 0-185 (5 Participants); 1 Chris Gobby, 2 Dan Hall, 3 Jeremy Mesevery

Men’s Left Pro 186-235; 1 Paul Maurias, 2 Josh Grant, 3 Scott Lewis

Men’s Left Pro 236+ (4); 1 Kurt Howgate, 2 Mike Homewood, 3 John Lessard

Men’s Amateur Left 0-185 (6); 1 Dan Hall, 2 Robert Belley, 3 Matt Vigue

Men’s Amateur Left 186-235 (8); 1 Kyle Millheiser, 2 Sam Calley, 3 Jason Galipeau

Men’s Amateur Left 236+ (5); 1 Norm Baron, 2 Jim Saccocia, 3 Craig Calley

Men’s Right Pro 0-175 (5); 1 Jeremey Meservey, 2 Chad Richards, 3 Travis Josselyn

Men’s Right Pro 176-205; 1 Josh Grant, 2 Dan Hall, 3 Jeff LeBlanc

Men’s Right Pro 241+ (6); 1 Kurt Howgate, 2 Mike Homewood, 3 John Lessard

Men’s Right Amateur 0-175 (6); 1 Matt Vigue, 2 Robert Belley, 3 John Fortier

Men’s Right Amateur 176-205 (5); 1 Dan Hall, 2 Kevin Roy, 3 Daniel Salo

Men’s Right Amateur 206-240 (7); 1 Kyle Millheiser, 2 Shawn Wentworth, 3 Sam Calley

Men’s Right Amateur 241+ (9); 1 Norm Baron, 2 Curtis Calley, 3 Jake Rand

Youth Division 1; 1 Haley Alden, 2 Marley Wentworth, 3 Callen Grant

Youth Division 2; 1 David Wentworth, Mattaya Carosella

Youth Division 3; Asa Dupois, 2 Hunter Libby, 3 Trevor Dupois

Youth Division Overall; Dawson “Lightning” Lane

Referee’s; Jim Fitzsimmons, Tim Sears, Bill Cox, George Sheldrick

Results Empowering Women Champ. – NH

Sunday, 2 August, 2015

Results are available off the link below:

August 7, 2015 – Addison County Fair

Sunday, 12 July, 2015

Bill Sinks, (802) 777-3049
Friday, August 7, 2015 — LOCATION: Show Tent

Sign up begins at 4:00-5:00 p.m. – Tournament Begins: 5:00 p.m.
Weigh Ins begin at 5:00 p.m. – Tournament Begins: 7:00 p.m.
Armwrestling has been a great success and a lot of fun at Field Days for over 35 years now. The tournaments will be held in the big show tent, which is located at the entrance to the grounds. This will provide much needed space and accommodate the spectators with bleachers and a stage. Entry for youth is free. Medals to third place will be given and all will receive participant ribbons. Adult entry fee is $10. Nice championship jackets will be given to first place winners and trophies to 2nd and 3rd place winners. We continue to add additional classes to accommodate the increased participation. Come join the fun!
Age 5 and under BOYS and GIRLS combined
6 & 7 year old BOYS
6 & 7 year old GIRLS
8 year old BOYS
9 year old BOYS
10 year old BOYS
11 year old BOYS
8 & 9 year old GIRLS
10 & 11 year old GIRLS
12 year old BOYS
13 year old BOYS
12 & 13 year old GIRLS
14 year old GIRLS
14 year old BOYS
15 & 16 year old GIRLS
15 year old BOYS
16 year old BOYS
Men’s Right Hand:
0 -143 144 – 154 155 – 165 166 – 176 177 – 187 188 – 198 199 -200 221 – over
Men’s Left Hand:
0 – 154 155 – 176 177 – 198 199 -220 221+
Women’s Right Hand and Left Hand
0 – 143 144 and over

October 17, 2015 – Pulling Against Breast Cancer

Sunday, 12 July, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

@ Milly’s Tavern
500 N Commercial St,
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101

Weigh in: Friday, Oct. 16 @ 6:00 – 8:00 PM, @ Milly’s Tavern
Weigh in: Saturday, Oct. 17, @11:00 – 12:30 PM @ Milly’s Tavern

Tournament begins @ 1:00 PM


1st – 3rd place medallions presented to all divisions and classes
Stay tuned for more special prizes and awards to be announced

Division & Classes ~ Right Hand

Amateur Women:0-150, 151+
Pro Women: 0-150, 151+

Amateur Men: 0-175, 176-205, 206-240, 241+
Pro Men: 0-175, 176-205, 206-240, 241+

Division & Classes ~ Left Hand

Amateur Women:0-150, 151+
Pro Women: 0-150, 151+

Amateur Men: 0-185, 186-235, 236+
Pro Men: 0-185, 186-235, 236+

~Early ONLINE Registration SAVES $5.00 (before October 15th)~


Event link coming soon…

$25.00 for each arm up to 2 divisions/entries
$20.00 for each additional division/entry

*All profits from this event will be donated to Norris Cotton Cancer Center for breast cancer research, treatment, and patient needs.

Contact: Debbie Banaian 603-785-4756

FB: Female Arm Wrestlers United

Pulling Against Cancer ~ FB Event and Details