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New Tourneys, iPhone Home Icon, Results, Sponsors, etc

Today I’ve worked on a few updates to the site. The Upcoming Tournaments Page has been updated with three new tournaments: IAF Vermont tourney in March, non-sanctioned Maine tourney in April, and non-sanctioned New York tourney in July. More info on the Waterville, Maine tourney expected soon. I also have updated the results page with the three Northeast 2010 tourneys that took place in January and February. You will notice that I also changed the background to black (used to be orange)…better, worse….what do you think? Also, for those of you viewing the site on your iTouch or IPhone, I have uploaded a new home icon. If you bookmark the site on your homepage, the new icon should show up. I’ve also created a separate Video page where I will be periodically adding new videos.

The next tourney scheduled in the northeast is the Mid-Winter Warm-up in Vermont on March 13th. Team Maine is unsure who, if any, are going to this event.

Also, you will notice the new Sponsor Team Maine graphic. The team is currently looking for a sponsor to cover tourney expenses like gas, entry fees, etc. So if you know of any sponsors, direct them to the site. I do realize the site still needs a lot of content before it is finished, but that will come down the road.


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  • Nice job Kurt the site looks good.