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Some MGC Results, PA Winter Blast Results, New Tourneys

Some results from the Mike Gould Classic:
176 right George 1st Anthony 2nd
198 right Brent then Mike S. left. Mike then Brent
220 right: John, Marcio, Sylvain Left: Marcio, John, then I think Sylvain not positive
221+: Right: Devon, Travis, Earl W. Left: Travis, Devon, Earl (Travis flashed Devon lefty)

New Tourneys Posted in NY & PA on the Upcoming Tournaments Page

7th Annual PA Winter Blast Results from March 20, 2010
Mens R Open 0-154
1) Mike Surplus 2) Darius Wisniewski 3) Joe Snyder
Mens R Open 154-176
1) Ron Klemba 2) Steve Shoemaker 3) Mike Surplus
Mens R Open 176-198
1) Ron Klemba 2) Edgar (NJ) 3) Jon Vinikoor
Mens R Open 198-220
1) Steve Carbone 2) Dave Mount 3) Ken Smith
Mens R Open 220-242
1) Ken Smith 2) Steve Carbone 3) Mike Berardine
Mens R Open 242+
1) Tim Bresnan 2) Shawn Lattimer 3) Shawn Turner
Mens L Open 0-176
1) Ron Klemba 2) Jon Vinikoor 3) Steve Shoemaker
Mens L Open 176-198
1) Edgar (NJ) 2) Dustin Morgan 3) Ron Klemba
Mens L Open 198-220
1) Dave Mount 2) Josh Vinikoor 3) Steve Carbone
Mens L Open 220-242
1) Chris Ratchford 2) Ken Smith 3) Steve Carbone
Mens L Open 242+
1) Shawn Lattimer 2) Chris Ratchford 3) Mark Coviello
Novice R 0-176
1) Darius Sypalis 2) Mike Fox 3) Dan Clarke
Novice R 176-198
1) Mike O’Connor 2) Colt Aiello 3) Joe Clemens
Novice R 198+
1) Mark Coviello 2) Ken Cox 3) Mike O’Connor
Womens Open
1) Danielle Winans 2) Sue Fischer 3) Lisa Sherer

Challenge Match Results
Shawn Lattimer over Chris Ratchford (Right)
Max Maxwell over Steve Carbone (Right)
Mark Coviello over Mike Berardine (Left)
Tim Bresnan (Right)
Shawn Lattimer (Left)

$100 Cash Winners: Ron Klemba, Dave Mount and Steve Carbone

100 Pullers: States in Attendance: NJ, PA, RI, CT, MD, VA & NY
Thank You: Jim Bryan (Ref), Tim Bresnan (Ref) and Brenda Bryan (Brackets)
Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a great day for a tournament!


Shapleigh, ME...pulling since 1998.

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