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NEAC VIII Results, May Vermont Tourney, Armed Training

Congrats to Maine’s Mark Vieira for his 3rd Place finish in the Left 155lb class at Saturday’s Northeast Armwrestling Challenge VIII in New York!
Below is Match Two of the Ron Bath vs Don Underwood super-match. Full video of the tourney, along with extensive interviews, will be available on Arm TV.


May 8th, 2010 > Thirsty Turtle White Plains,NY

Challenge Matches
Ron Bath over Don Underwood 3-1
Tommy Russell over Justin Kopa 3-0
Bill Logsdon over John Milne 3-2
Anthony Snook over Rich Denardo 3-0
Dustin Morgan over Andrew Scott 3-?

155 Left (7)
1st) Kris Mikels 2nd) kent Buckalew 3rd) Mark Viera
180 Left (16)
1st) Ron Klemba 2nd) Anthony Snook 3rd) Tony Patterson
205 Left (11)
1st) Bill Logsdon 2nd) Jeff Slater 3rd) Frank Hirst
230 Left (9)
1st) Paul Walther 2nd) Jim Bryan 3rd) Chuck Hoffman
231+ Left (4)
1st) Jerry Cadorette 2nd) Mike Selearis 3rd) Shawn Lattimer
155 Right (9)
1st) Rich Denardo 2nd) Mike Shalhoub 3rd) Norm Devio
180 Right (19)
1st) Anthony Snook 2nd) Tony Patterson 3rd) Ron Klemba
205 Right (15)
1st) Mike Selearis 2nd) Bill Sinks 3rd) John Milne
230 Right (15)
1st) Jim Bryan 2nd) Paul Walther 3rd) Kenny Flynn
231+ Right (3)
1st) Jerry Cadorette 2nd) Shawn Lattimer 3rd) Mark Coviello

108 Total Entries….
Tournament Director…..Pete Milano
MC……James Retarides
Charts…..Joe Milano
Refs……Jim Bryan-Tim Sears-Dan Fortuna and Chris Gangi

Also, info on the 2010 Vermont State Championships has been released.
Click on our Upcoming Tournaments link above to get more info.

We also had a training session Sunday in Buxton…


Shapleigh, ME...pulling since 1998.

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