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Laconia Bike Week Tourney Results


Team Maine showed up and kicked some ass at the Laconia tournament on Saturday, taking home six 1st-Place finishes, one 2nd-Place finish, and one 3rd-Place finish. Photo: Anthony Curatola (Buxton), Kurt Howgate (Shapleigh), Greg Curatola (Buxton), Eric Guevin (Standish), Mark Vieira (Porter), John Cervantes (Acton).


Women’s Right (4)
1-Valerie Beach
2-Yvonne Reyes
3-Pam Greaney

0-154 Right (2)
1-Mark Vieira
2-Travis Josselyn

155-176 Right (4)
1-Bill Caldwell
2-Dew Fanjoy
3-Mark Vieira

177-198 Right (5)
1-John Cervantes
2-Justin Ross
3-Dan Benoit

199-242 Right (7)
1-Kurt Howgate
2-Bob Mock
3-Justin Ross

243-up Right (4)
1-Eric Guevin
2-Greg Curatola
3-Matt Evans

155-176 Left (3)
1-Bill Caldwell
2-Mark Vieira
3-Dew Fanjoy

177-198 Left (2)
1-Dan Benoit
2-Justin Ross

199-242 Left (3)
1-Kurt Howgate
2-Dan Benoit
3-Eric Paradise

243-up Left (3)
1-Eric Guevin
2-Carl Stockbridge
3-Matt Evans

Referees Troy Ladd & Terry Dostie
Brackets Tine Ladd
Tournament Director Troy Ladd

Sorry for any spelling mistakes… I don’t have the original sign-up sheets.


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