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Results 2012 Maine State Championships

Feb 18, 2012 > Pond Town Tavern > Winthrop, ME > Filmed by Trailblazer Studios

Men’s Right:
0-154: 1st. Chad Richards 2nd. Jeremy Meservey
155-176: 1st. Bill Caldwell. 2nd. Mark Vieira. 3rd. Matt Lombard
177-198: 1st. Malcolm T. 2nd. Matt Bouchard. 3rd. Mark Vieira
199-242: 1st. Kurt Howgate. 2nd. Cole Disy. 3rd. David Goulet
242-Up: 1st. Corey Bussell. 2nd. Jeff Neal. 3rd. Justin Madore

Men’s Left
0-176: 1st. Mark Vieira. 2nd. Bill Caldwell. 3rd. Chad Richards
177-198: 1st. John Cervantes 2nd. Malcolm T 3rd. Matt Bouchard
199-242: 1st. Kurt Howgate. 2nd David Goulett. 3rd. Michael Vero
243-Up: 1st. Cory Bussell. 2nd. John Cervantes. 3rd. Jeff Neal

Women’s Right Open
1st. Ashley Mason 2nd. Debbie Banian. 3rd. Beth Retamozzo

Men’s Right Hand Overall Winner: Bill Caldwell
Men’s Left Hand Overall Winner: Kurt Howgate

Referees were: Bill Cox & Terry Dostie. 40 entries
Tournament Director & MC was Troy Ladd

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6 Responses to “Results 2012 Maine State Championships”

  • Man we went to war.I want a rubber match Matt.

  • I had the best time of my life even if I lost all my matches lol. I’m going to build a table and train my but off for the Lewiston tourney! Hope to see you guys there!

  • Mark! Yes we did man…We’ll be in Lewiston for sure

  • Hey guys, I don’t know if you remember me, I took first in the womens class and so far am undefeated in the tournaments I’ve been to. I was told I might do well at an upcoming nationals tournament in Connecticut this summer? I’ve searched for info on the event but cant seem to find anything. I dont know how much you guys know about that yet but if you have any info on it I would really appreciate it… thanks 😉

  • Hi Ashley I was one of the people that said you should go.If you go to the northeastmessageboard they have a upcomming tournaments section they will have all the information you need.The tournament date is june 29-30 the womens competition is the 30.It will be held at the connecticut convention center in Hartford.The women classes are 0-143 then 143+.If you need any more info post it here.You should try to make it.I think you would do really well.

  • Thanks for the info Mark, I’ll try my best to make it there and I will definitely see you guys in Lewiston on April 7th.