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April 7, 2012 Lewiston Tourney


Shapleigh, ME...pulling since 1998.

7 Responses to “April 7, 2012 Lewiston Tourney”

  • I’ll definitely be there and can’t wait for it!

  • Are you county boys comin down?

  • Yeah we are for sure, we should have the same crew as States…

  • That’s great guys! It was good to see some fellow County folk competing. Anyone up there in the 243+?

  • I think I’ll be competing in the 198 and might jump up to 243+ also

  • Wow man that’s crazy. I’m not even sure if I’m pulling anymore do to an annoying shoulder injury but will still show up. I have a female coworker that is from Fort Fairfield competing for the first time.

  • Anyone from Team Maine competing?