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June 2nd Maine Call To Arms Tourney

Nate Gagnon: “The Weight classes will be as follows–
0-154, 155-176, 177-198, 199-242, 243+ for both LEFT and RIGHT arm

The 1st place winner of each MENS RIGHT ARM weight class will win $100. ($500 total in prize money)

We are also currently working on how our womens weight classes will be broken up, but there will be weight classes for women.

Hey Guys, be sure to go check out our great sponsors for this event–without their support this event wouldn’t be possible. All can be found on facebook so go “like” them for their support of this great sport or check out their webpages… of Portland ME of Portland ME of South Portland ME
Full Belly Deli of Portland ME”


Shapleigh, ME...pulling since 1998.

10 Responses to “June 2nd Maine Call To Arms Tourney”

  • Time train to raise eyebrows for this one! This is what this sport in Maine needs.

  • Thanks for posting our flyer to your site Kurt, we are anxious and excited to exceed everyones expectations of what Maine arm wrestling tournaments should be!

    We’ve had some more great sponsors added to our list, FatGripz ( and Captains of Crush ( will both be sponsoring this event.

    Without all these great sponsors this event could not be possible, I hope everyone takes a few seconds to show their appreciation to these companies for sponsoring the sport we all love.

  • This is awesome! I have been training since my first table experience at Bootleggers where I didnt fair too well. I will defanitely be bringing some people with me to pull at this event.

  • The womens weight classes will be 0-143 and 144+ we hope to have a great female turnout for this event so be sure to spread the word!

  • YES! Weight classes for women. Ive been undefeated for a few years without weight classes, but clearly some newcomers are making weight classes a good idea. The Irish Twins tourney just wasnt fair….

  • I for one would like to see more women competing as I know for a fact they are out there. I’ve been spreading the word to almost every female I know. I know that Attollo productions has extended their invitation to all north eastern states woman arm wrestlers to the Call to Arms. Hope this effort gets the woman’s competition bigger.

  • I’ve been practicing two times a week lately for this event. I’m hoping there will be more than the usual 3-4 super heavy’s showing up.

  • Heard a lot of buzz about this from all over. Who’s comin?

  • Just saw a woman at the Buxton Rite aid by the name Ronda who is goin to the tourney. Shes bringing her daughter who is also going to pull. She knows Greg and Eric. I actually locked up with her at the counter and is pretty strong! Can’t wait to see her pull Jewitt.

  • Game day!!!!!!!! Good luck and hopefully Jeff N. shows up 🙂