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Results 9/12/15 All-American Invitational

Sunday, 13 September, 2015

The 5th All American Invitational Championship September 12th 2015 All American Bar & Grill S. Dennis, MA Results Men’s Right Hand Open: 0-187: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Nick Huck (NH) 3rd Justin Galipeua(ME) 188-Up 1st Joshua Grant(MA) 2nd Dean Banaian(NH) 3rd Al Solomon(MA) Men’s Right Hand Novice: 0-165: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Corey Dupuis(NH) 3rd [...]

Results 2015 Addison County Fair VT

Monday, 10 August, 2015

Addison County Fair & Field Days 2015 Arm Wrestling Results ADULTS MENS RIGHT 0-143 3rd Chris Bradley(VT) 2nd Nick Trudeau(VT) 1st Jeremy Yerdon(NY) 144-154 3rd Ron Singley(NY) 2nd Jeremy Meservey(ME) 1st Kris Mikels(NY) 155-165 3rd Anthony Tracy(VT) 2nd Kris Mikels(NY) 1st Rob Ketcham(VT) 166-176 3rd Jamie Hoburn(VT) 2nd Matt Gundrum(NY) 1st Ken McKinney(NY) 177-187 3rd [...]

Results Empowering Women Champ. – NH

Sunday, 2 August, 2015

Results are available off the link below:

Results 2015 Vermont State Championships

Monday, 29 June, 2015

Results Vermont State Championship June 27, 2015 Men’s Right 0-154 1st Jeremey Messervey (ME) 2nd Marc Vachon (CAN) 3rd Micheal Buchanon (VT) 155-176 1st Ken McKinney (NY) 2nd Matt Gundrum (NY) 3rd Jamie Hoburn (VT) 177-198 1st Jocelyn Berard (CAN) 2nd Daniel Hall (NH) 3rd Isaac Firkey (VT) 199-220 1st Alexander Pacquette (CAN) 2nd Vlad [...]

Results 6/6/15 Maine Call to Arms

Saturday, 20 June, 2015

4th Anuual Maine Call to Arms-UAL Affiliated Event June 6, 2015 Thatchers Sports Restaurant and Pub 35 Foden Road South Portland, ME 04106 EVENT START TIME: 1:30PM EVEN END TIME: 5:00PM Total Event Time: 3.5 Hours Total Adult Entries: 132 Total Junior Entries: 13 Total Entries: 145 Head Referee: Badger Drewes, NH Referee: Chris Gangi, [...]

Results 2015 MA State Championships

Monday, 18 May, 2015

MA State Championship All American Bar & Grill May 16th 2015 Results Men’s Left Hand: 0-165. 1st Dan Blanchard (MI) 2nd Travis Court (MA) 3rd Corey Dupuis (NH) 166-198. 1st Dan Blanchard (MI) 2nd Joshua Grant (MA) 3rd Bruse Court (MA) 199-Up. 1st Chris Dubey (MA) 2nd Harry Bean III (NH) 3rd Craig Calley (MA) [...]

Results 4/25/15 Connecticut States

Sunday, 26 April, 2015

2015 Connecticut State Armwrestling Championship April 25th 2015 Presented by Dungeon Crew Armwrestling 109 Total Entries Challenge Match…Max Maxwell vs Dave Marrocco Max 3-0 Women Right hand Light 1) Sue Fischer 2) Alexia Maxwell 3) Jeanne Cappa 4) Kelly Scanlon Right hand Heavy 1) Cathy Merrill 2) Mary Devou 3) Lynne Lowell 4) Marie Francis [...]

Results 4/4/15 WAL Biddeford Maine Qualifier

Monday, 6 April, 2015

OFFICIAL RESULTS FOR THE WAL REGIONAL QUALIFIER in Biddeford Maine April 4, 2015: Category: MENS PRO LEFT 0-165 1st Jon Brown (NH) 2nd Jeremy Meservey (ME) 3rd Bill Caldwell (MA) 166-195 1st Ron Klemba (CT) 2nd Tim Lewis (PA) 3rd Orin Hubbard (NH) 4th Mark Vieira (ME) 196-225 NO ENTRIES 226+ 1st Kurt Howgate (ME) [...]

Results 3/21/15 Cape Cod Invitational

Sunday, 22 March, 2015

Cape Cod Invitational 3/21/15 Cape Verdean Club Results Right Hand Novice: 0-176: 1st Robert Belley 2nd Kevin Cerce 3rd Marc Denardo 177-220: 1st Tom Laposky 2nd Walter Meehan 221-Up: 1st Tony Gonsalves 2nd Kellen Wessling Right Hand Open: 0-198: 1st David Brien 2nd Robert Belley 3rd Mike Ross 199-Up: 1st Richard Denardo 2nd David Brien [...]

Results 2015 Maine State Championships

Tuesday, 10 March, 2015

2015 Maine State Championships UAL Challenger Series/UAL Affiliated Event Saturday March 7, 2015 Thatchers Restaurant and Sports Pub South Portland, Maine Event start time 1:30pm Event end time: 6:00pm Total event time 4.5 hours Total entries: 175 States represented: ME NH MA CT NY RI TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Nate Gagnon, 207Armsports Emcee: Jared Eaton Brackets: Nate [...]